UX1 Francesca Annunziata GEMA

Welcome to America!

The famous American dream came true. After a long flight, i arrived in Philadelphia. It was exciting to see a city in the American style with many skyscrapers and many lights.

One of the most beautiful things of USA are the americans because are the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. When we got off the plane, the Americans have been helped to understand where to go. When I ask for some information, the Americans are not suspicious and are approaching to answer. They are not afraid of us, in fact they are always helpful and friendly. They ask me why I’m here and give us information on places to visit and pub to go out at night. In Italy there isn’t this availability, because people are wary. All Americans find time to talk with us.

When I say I am Italian they smile and are fascinated by our country.  They already know for pizza and spaghetti, so every supermarket is full of “Italian Style” sauces. But these products are not really Italian, because the Italians are different and tastier. Yummy!

Americans like Italy, knows Rome and the Coliseum and think it’s very romantic. They ask me what the most beautiful places to visit when they go in Italy. They believe that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, there is the sun, the sea, the beautiful women and good food. In Italy nothing is missing, just the job!

Another thing Americans often say is that Italians are very passionate, love to love! In fact, Italians men are considered the most passionate and romantic in the world

Anyway, the Americans are very meticulous about the language, so I say a word with the wrong pronunciation, they do not understand what I mean and correct you right away.

Italians are known for their great expressiveness and are described as those who speak with the body and especially with your hands! We are very funny, so often like to imitate us, for example, with the gesture accompanied by the phrase “what you want”, now world-famous!

Italians are seen as the ones who dress trendy, Italy is the home of the great designers, because Americans admire a lot.

These are the impressions had in ten days, i’m curious to know a more information about the American people and their culture.