Academic researcher? Help shape the future of the OED!

Academic researcher? Help shape the future of the OED!

Here at Oxford University Press, we know that the OED is an essential tool for many researchers. But some researchers have informed us that OED content and data is not as accessible as it could be for their projects.

In a time when digital research methods are becoming more prevalent, we want to hear from academic researchers to find out how (if at all) you use OED information and data in your current work.

Even if you have never thought to use the OED in your research, it would be incredibly helpful for us to understand why this is.

We are also really interested to find out how it could be used in your research in the future, and explore ways that Oxford University Press and the OED can work with you, your colleagues, and the wider research community to ensure that the rich and curated data-set that is the OED continues to adapt to the changes in research practice in the years to come.

We’ll be working over the next few months to collate thoughts, ideas, and trends, and continue iterative feedback with an aim to develop new research tools.

If you would be happy to share your thoughts about how the OED could better support your research (or you’d like to discuss a potential research collaboration), please get in touch and share this page with your colleagues.