Mapping and Geocoding, Part 5: Historical Parisian Street Data Set

A View into the Past

Open-source data.

  • A group of scholars created the website GeoHistoricalData to share their interactive historical maps of Paris and France with other researchers.
  • The website features maps and data for Paris and its suburbs (1789 – 1950) and France (1747 – 1950).
  • I exported the data set for Paris street networks from 1871 to 1889 for use in ArcGIS.
  • For more on the geocoding project see the article “Historical Collaborative Geocoding” by Rémi Cura, Bertrand Dumenieu, Nathalie Abadie, Benoit Costes, Julien Perret, Maurizio Gribaudi.
  • The code for the GeoHistoricalData website is Open source and available at GitHub.


  • I imported the data set for Paris street networks (1871 – 1889) to ArcGIS as a hosted layer. The layer displays over the 1870 map of Paris.
  • By clicking on any purple line segment in the hosted layer, I am able to display the historical name of the corresponding street and its location on the 1870 map of Paris.
  • This layer provides a way to identify historical street names that the ArcGIS geocoder cannot locate.
  • This layer also serves as a vital tool for me to check the accuracy of the florist data set mapping.

Zoom in and click on any purple line segment in the dynamic map (hosted in ArcGIS) to display the historical street name.