My walk through East Orange

On the walk that I took through East Orange, which is my neighborhood, The observations that I had were pretty eye-opening. I was noticing the amount of trees there are in my neighborhood, some green and some in the fall colors like red and yellow. I saw a lot of cars on the street and also a lot of people walking around socializing with each other even when having the masks on. I’ll admit I wanted to put my headphones on and listen to music and block out the hustle and bustle of my neighborhood, but for this assignment, I figured this would be a learning experience for me and you about the culture and experiences from where the area that I live in, East Orange, New Jersey. 


I saw a few birds flying around and on the street and people walking their dogs. As for what the soundscape is like in my neighborhood, it is quiet when I am walking through my neighborhood at first but then it gets noisy when I get out into the city. The sound is full of distant music played by either gangsters or just regular people just trying to have a good time. I saw plenty of corner stores and fast food chains, but not alot of people inside because of the epidemic. I even saw crackheads on the street, as much as they are not a good thing to see, they do play a part of the community. 


The smells I encountered were plentiful also. I smelled bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches and more food from other food places that just start to have people’s belly full for the morning or day. I also smelled the colognes and perfumes and etc from the people walking past me. I smelled a moment of fresh air in between the smell of weed and smoke from smokers and weed users.The smells seem to be the daily thing for me everytime i step out of the door and I go to work or the park to exercise and etc. 


The history in the park that I usually go to, Elmwood Park, is pretty interesting to say the least. I found out that the original name of the park was actually “The Borough from East Paterson”. The owners of the park changed the name in November of 1972. The source for where I found this is located here ( . 


In conclusion, what I saw and heard on my walk was a lot of culture that flows through my neighborhood. I heard music and smelled food and saw a lot of people. I’m pretty sure that there is more history that I might have missed that’s a little farther in my area, but this is what I found and usually explore in East Orange, New Jersey.