Welcome to HASTAC Scholars!

Welcome New HASTAC Scholar!

I am excited to announce that you have been accepted into the 2020-2021 HASTAC Scholars Program! Because of your engagement and interest in technology and learning, you have been accepted into a wonderful international community of scholars who share a common mission and interest. The HASTAC Scholars Program consists of graduate and undergraduate students who work across the fields of technology, the arts, the humanities, and the sciences broadly defined. Welcome! 

Here at HASTAC Scholars, we apply our interests in varied ways, both in-person and online: by writing about our work; by highlighting all of the amazing things happening on our respective campuses and regions; and by helping to develop forums and discussions. Taken together, these activities provide opportunities not only to share knowledge with others, but also to learn from peers in the HASTAC community.

So you may be wondering, “How do I get involved?” Dive right in! You are a leader who takes initiative and you were selected for your keen ability to communicate effectively across platforms and your brilliant creativity is what holds you. Here are a few simple ways to get started:

Build Your Profile on HASTAC
You want to completely fill out your HASTAC profile, and include a photo or avatar, to make sure that other users on the website can see who you are. Be sure to include your social media handles.

Post an Introductory Blog Post
Share your research interests, a favorite course you took, career aspirations, hobbies, or whatever information that is important to you for your introductory blog! Within the next week, we will add you to a HASTAC Scholars group on hastac.org. Be sure to add the post to the HASTAC Scholars group by checking the appropriate box before publishing. That way, fellow Scholars will be able to more easily see your posts. 

Blog and Participate (Regularly)
Your voice and ideas matter! Become an active voice in the HASTAC Scholars community by adding to ongoing discussions. Share tools, expertise, and resources. Blog about the University Worth Fighting For series, or write your own blog post about a topic of your choice!

Participate in opportunities to contribute to HASTAC Scholars like Digital Fridays, collaborative book discussions and more.  Remember that your writing and ideas do not have to be perfect and polished before it can be a successful contribution. On the contrary; use the community on the HASTAC platform as a way of developing and refining your ideas, while learning how others are doing the same. The goal is to build conversation and community as we work together in public. 

We also have a listserv that we will use going forward to communicate with you as part of the current HASTAC Scholars cohort. We will add you to this listserv within the next few days. Once we do, you will be able to write to the group by sending an email to scholars-current@lists.hastac.org. I’ll be in touch soon using that address to connect you with the rest of your cohort, which includes about 80 new Scholars and 100+ Scholars who are entering their second year.

5 Ways to Participate Right Now! 

  1. We are in the middle of doing another Collaborative Book Discussion! We will be reviewing and discussing Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Katina Rogers. Sign up here  if you’re interested in participating. Not sure what the Collaborative Book Discussion is all about? Examples of prior years are here and here

  2. The HASTAC webinar series, Digital Fridays, has been a wonderful platform for HASTAC Scholars to share their research topics, pedagogy approaches or professional development strategies. Have you been sitting on the sidelines as a participant? Why not take the leap and lead one of these dynamic 30 to 60-minute sessions? Plus, it looks great on your CV. Sign up here

  3. Scholar Spotlight is back. Each month, HASTAC Scholars will feature a post about one or two of the Scholars in our network. We are re-tooling some of the questions to be more responsive to the current environment. If you’re interested in nominating yourself to be featured, please sign up here.

  4. Twitter Spotlight: This year we are planning to make some space for HASTAC Scholars on our Twitter account. During a one week spotlight, Scholars will have the opportunity to highlight their research, pedagogy, and non-academic interests  with a series of tweets. You can also host a twitter chat. If you are interested, please sign up here

  5. RSVP now for an introductory Digital Friday to welcome the new cohort of HASTAC Scholars. We will discuss the benefits of HASTAC Scholars, upcoming opportunities, and answer any questions Scholars have about the program

Join the Conversations on Twitter, Facebook and Slack

Are you on Twitter? Follow us! Be sure to follow both @HASTACScholars (that’s us!) and @HASTAC (the general organization). In both those places, you’ll find that there are a lot of conversations around topics that will be of interest to you. We’ve created a Slack team for HASTAC Scholars and as part of this year’s Scholars, you have your very own channel where you can have more informal conversations across the network. If you don’t know what Slack is, here’s a great introduction

Those are just a few ways to get involved. Ultimately, we hope you will feel free to be as creative as you like–thinking outside of the box, challenging and raising critically urgent issues in transformative ways–and that you value the priceless feedback that comes from being part of the virtual and global community of HASTAC Scholars. I look forward to your participation in HASTAC Scholars!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at scholars@hastac.org. We’re really looking forward to working with the new cohort of HASTAC Scholars.

Adashima Oyo

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  1. Thanks for this welcome, Adashima! It is great to continue being in the HASTAC Scholar Community. You work and dedication to this community has been fantastic. It is appreciated.