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  • Digital Archive over Standard Library

    Digital Archive over Standard Library

    Libraries provide great sources of information through the articles, records, and books that they contain. These items are all physical and are finite within a library’s complex. The problem with this is that there is a limitation placed on all of the readers who would like access to these sources at the same time.  Most […]

  • Databases and Digital Archives

    Databases and Digital Archives

    Archivist Kate Theimer, in her essay “Archives in Context and as Context,” raises an interesting point about the relationship between a database and a digital archive. She argues that the term “archive” is a double entendre. Information technologists use “archive” to describe back up data; digital humanists use “archive” to describe collections of data. But […]

  • UX1 Francesca Annunziata GEMA

    UX1 Francesca Annunziata GEMA

    Welcome to America! The famous American dream came true. After a long flight, i arrived in Philadelphia. It was exciting to see a city in the American style with many skyscrapers and many lights. One of the most beautiful things of USA are the americans because are the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. When […]

  • Importance of markup Languages. How to use

    Importance of markup Languages. How to use

    People are excited by reading attractive parts of a book or an article. Some pieces might be very important. Some articles are too long or not easy to understand all pieces firstly. Most of the time it is not necessary to read entire a blog or a document. We markup some elements which they are more […]

  • Encoding Emily Dickinson

    Encoding Emily Dickinson

    A piece of writing that I think is important is Emily Dickinson’s “fascicles,” a term used by her editor Mabel Loomis Todd to describe her 40, hand-sewn booklets of poetry. If I were to encode the 800+ poems that comprise the “fascicles,” I would begin by marking up the stanzas and lines, as well as the marginalia. What […]

  • XML The Bill of Rights

    One of the most important historical documents is the original Bill of Rights, its amendments provide American citizens their freedoms and liberties. For this document to be marked up from its original ink and paper to an XML file, multiple codes would need to be used. Due to the document being aged and weathered special notice to the […]