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  • Repurposing Enhanced Learning

    Blog post #3 underway. This is the last entry, hoping to come to an end as conclusive as it can possibly be – although I anticipate it will not suffice and many questions might still be unanswered towards the end. Feel free to get in touch! Comment or email. As I mentioned earlier, I encourage […]

  • Rethinking the Thinkable

    Welcome to entry #2. Having established a point of departure in the previous entry “A Digital Project for a Digital Generation”, I have decided to continue and rename it to “Rethinking the Thinkable”. Reason being due to the frequency of times my students and I reconsidered, rethought, and refashioned the phases of this project; together. The […]

  • CFP: ELO 2023 COIMBRA (JAN 31; JULY 12-15, 2023)

    ELECTRONIC LITERATURE ORGANIZATION 2023 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND MEDIA ARTS SHOW OVERCOMING DIVIDES: ELECTRONIC LITERATURE AND SOCIAL CHANGE JULY 12-15, 2023 – COIMBRA, PORTUGAL Join us this summer for four days of digital art and scholarship at the ELO 2023 Conference and Media Arts Show in beautiful Coimbra, Portugal, the 12th to the 15th of July. The 2023 […]

  • Call for Participation: The 2nd African Electronic Literature Alliance International Workshop Conference (AELAIWC2022)

    Call for Participation: The 2nd African Electronic Literature Alliance International Workshop Conference (AELAIWC2022)

      AELAIWC 2022: Call for Participation The Centre for Digital Humanities University of Lagos (CEDHUL), Nigeria  in conjunction with African Electronic Literature Alliance & African Diasporic Electronic Alliance (AELA&ADELI)  Organises  The 2nd African Electronic Literature Alliance International Workshop Conference (AELAIWC2022)    Theme: E-Literary Procedural Creativity on Digital platforms and Metaverse/création numérique procédurale de la Littérature […]

  • Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of English in Medieval and/or Early Modern British literature and culture, with expertise in Digital Humanities, Race, Inequality, and Social Justice

      The Department of English at Santa Clara University invites applications for a tenure-track position requiring expertise in medieval and/or early modern British literature and culture, race, social justice, and Digital Humanities. Expertise in book history is also desirable. Our department is participating in a College cluster hire for a group of faculty who specialize […]

  • Us in Flux, a second cycle on reimagining community

    Us in Flux, a second cycle on reimagining community

    In the uncertain and roiling spring and summer of 2020, the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University published Us in Flux, a series of stories and events about community, collaboration, and collective imagination in the face of transformative change. We wanted to follow threads of hope in myriad directions, and were […]

  • Images of Enclosure

    Images of Enclosure

    When I first began researching madwomen, my search began in literature. I combed through books, short stories, and poetry across periods. I found so much madness not only in the characters but in the writers’ own lives. Writing, after all, is an extension of ourselves and our circumstances. If so many female writers were experiencing […]

  • Medea’s Righteous Anger

    Medea’s Righteous Anger

    “We are not goddesses or matriarchs or edifices of divine forgiveness; we are not fiery fingers of judgment or instruments of flagellation; we are women forced back always upon our woman’s power”  Audre Lorde    The quote above comes from Audre Lorde’s essay “Uses of Anger,” where she argues that anger is a powerful force […]

  • My lack of “pen” still creates

    My lack of “pen” still creates

    “Indeed, I would venture to guess that Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman” -Virginia Woolf I’ve been asked why I decided to do my thesis project in blog form as a digital humanities project. It’s a question I asked myself repeatedly while I was planning and preparing for […]

  • Mad/Woman


    What is a madwoman? My simple definition is that it is made up of the two words “mad” and “woman”. Both terms open up a variety of meanings depending on language/culture, societal norms, and beliefs. I will attempt to give my definitions for these terms within the scope of my project in as concise terms […]