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  • Martial Poetry OR Tae Kwon Do, Creative Writing, and Digital Humanities Walk into a Bar

    Martial Poetry OR Tae Kwon Do, Creative Writing, and Digital Humanities Walk into a Bar

    Inhale.   Gather the breath of the atmosphere in your lungs. Mold the fire of the Earth into the energy of your soul. Pulse with the lifeblood of lightning, ice, and stone. Then, and only then, will you know the swiftness of the pouncing tiger; the silence of the floating swan.   Sound like a […]

  • Using new media to teach race and gender theory

    For Cathy Davidson and Michael B. Gillespie’s course Teaching Race and Gender Theory in the Undergraduate Humanities Classroom, the class split into four modules that addressed theory through distinctive practices and discourses including visuality, music, literature and pedagogy. The visuality module, of which I was a member, decided to create subsections. Katherine Contess and Mike […]

  • Progress (and Process!) Reporting

    Progress (and Process!) Reporting

    I started thinking about this post and writing it in my head (where most of the things I write like to start out) three weeks ago, right after a meeting with my chair. I then pushed the To Do of writing the post forward a couple of weeks, and now find myself in the milestone-ish […]

  • First playtest of the alpha

    First playtest of the alpha

    [Reblogged from] Earlier this month, we had the first playtest for the alpha version of the game, up in the gorgeous and glorious cafe of The Garage at Northwestern. In this playtest, we were looking at the playability/intuitiveness of Macbeth’s walk and roll, his two attack strokes, and the balance of damage to him vs. his health […]

  • Theater Meets Border

    Theater Meets Border

    Border, for many people, is just a physical reality. For them, it is just a wall or a mesh of convoluted wires suspended from iron bars with the intention of delineating national boundaries and keeping illegal migrants from crossing to the other side of the divide. But what if the border is not just a […]

  • Music and Sound Studies Reading Group in NYC

    Music and Sound Studies Reading Group in NYC

    For the past four years the Fordham University English department has sponsored the Music and Sound Studies reading group, advised by Andrew Albin and Lawrence Kramer. Each month we meet to discuss a reading in this burgeoning field, and we welcome any scholars in the New York City area to join us. If you’d like to be included in the […]