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  • CFP: ELO 2023 COIMBRA (JAN 31; JULY 12-15, 2023)

    ELECTRONIC LITERATURE ORGANIZATION 2023 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND MEDIA ARTS SHOW OVERCOMING DIVIDES: ELECTRONIC LITERATURE AND SOCIAL CHANGE JULY 12-15, 2023 – COIMBRA, PORTUGAL Join us this summer for four days of digital art and scholarship at the ELO 2023 Conference and Media Arts Show in beautiful Coimbra, Portugal, the 12th to the 15th of July. The 2023 […]

  • HASTAC Scholars Application Link Here (Due Nov 15)

    HASTAC Scholars 2022 – 2024Applications Are Open!The deadline to apply has been extended.Applications for the 2022-2024 Cohort are due  Tuesday, November 15th.Join a community of scholars dedicated to rethinking pedagogy, learning, research, and the role of higher education today. The HASTAC Scholars program is an innovative student-driven community of graduate and undergraduate students. This year, scholars will be participating […]

  • Crafting the Visual Identity – HASTAC 2023 “Critical Making and Social Justice”

    Crafting the Visual Identity – HASTAC 2023 “Critical Making and Social Justice”

      Foreword As we get ready to host the HASTAC 2023 Conference “Critical Making and Social Justice” at Pratt Institute, we want to give the HASTAC community a behind-the-scenes look at how we designed the conference logo. The conference theme invites us to consider how things are made, the processes and social embeddedness of our […]

  • Scholar Spotlight: Jazmine Qamar Jones

    Scholar Spotlight: Jazmine Qamar Jones

    Why did you apply to HASTAC? Ultimately I would like to end up working in the video game industry as a game designer, but I have also found through my years in classrooms—most recently as a teaching assistant at the University of Texas at Dallas’ school of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication—that education interests me […]

  • Complicating Latinx (Anti)Blackness in Media

    Complicating Latinx (Anti)Blackness in Media

    “Complicating Latinx (Anti)Blackness in Media” By Diana Melendez and Solange Castellar As if Latinidad was not complicated enough- there is so much work to be done around addressing anti-blackness within people who identify as Latinx, Latino/a, hispanic, Latin, Spanish…and how Blackness is even defined. Our collaboration took us from a quick review of the celebration […]

  • Critical Karaoke Comes to “Mediating Race”

    Critical Karaoke Comes to “Mediating Race”

    What is Critical Karaoke, you ask? Here are the rules: (1) You get to talk about a single song, (2) for as long as the song is long, (3) while the song is playing in the background. You speak while the song plays. You might pause at special moments where your analysis meets the music. […]

  • Super Creatives: Knowing, Doing, and Making in Composition Classrooms

    Super Creatives: Knowing, Doing, and Making in Composition Classrooms

    “To be creative a person must exist and have a feeling of existing, not in conscious awareness, but as a basic place to operate from. Creativity is then the doing that arises out of being. It indicates that he who is, is alive.” D. W. Winnicott, Living Creatively Dr. Jan Holmevik, author of Inter/vention: Free […]

  • Ethnic Notions by Marlon Riggs

    Ethnic Notions by Marlon Riggs

    Students in “Mediating Race: Technology, Performance, Politics, and Aesthetics in Popular Culture,” with Professors Cathy N. Davidson and Racquel Gates, may be interested in watching Ethnic Notions, an Emmy-winning documentary by Marlon Riggs, which illuminates the devastating effects of portraying dehumanized caricatures in popular culture from the 1820s to the Civil Rights movement. From California Newsreel: […]

  • Theatre + Mixed Reality: A Peek Backstage

    Theatre + Mixed Reality: A Peek Backstage

    Reblogged from Medium.  This post explains why theatre artists and humanists are crucial to shaping the future of immersive technologies. It concludes with ways to join the conversation and a practical strategy for creating community across radically different groups. What’s the future of live storytelling in 360°? This question was at the heart of the Theatre + […]

  • Teaching With Short Docs

    Teaching With Short Docs

    Last week I got the opportunity to be apart of a workshop that focused on teaching through short documentaries.  The workshop was held in room 5315 at The Graduate Center.  Elizabeth Aslop started us off by asking a few questions.  Why should we attempt to teach with short docs? How do we find creative ways to […]