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  • Repurposing Enhanced Learning

    Blog post #3 underway. This is the last entry, hoping to come to an end as conclusive as it can possibly be – although I anticipate it will not suffice and many questions might still be unanswered towards the end. Feel free to get in touch! Comment or email. As I mentioned earlier, I encourage […]

  • Rethinking the Thinkable

    Welcome to entry #2. Having established a point of departure in the previous entry “A Digital Project for a Digital Generation”, I have decided to continue and rename it to “Rethinking the Thinkable”. Reason being due to the frequency of times my students and I reconsidered, rethought, and refashioned the phases of this project; together. The […]

  • A Digital Project for a Digital Generation

    Building and Implementing DH into Language/Culture Curricula Let me recount an anecdote as point of departure: I was dining at a fine restaurant of Kansas City when I received “You have been assigned a course on Transatlantic Hispanic Cultures to teach next semester because… (the given reasons)”. As an advanced graduate student about to enter […]